NEW VERSION :: 07.05.2010

I finally managed to release a new version of digiNotes. It took me quiet long to port the whole application from windows forms to WPF. digiNotes 0.6 has a completely redesigned userinterface. I've also implemented a really cool new feature. It's now possible to attach files and directorys to your notes and send them to other computers. I hope you like it!

 NEW VERSION :: 01.10.09

Beside some major bug fixes I've integrated an update check in the new release of digiNotes( So it's much easier now to check online for new versions. See the screenshots section for details.

 NEW VERSION :: 24.08.09

The newest release (0.5.2) contains mainly buxfixes for some huge problems concerning the mouse wheel-scaling, printing and network-options. But I've also integrated a real cool new feature for Windows 7 users. Now digiNotes takes advantage of the new Windows7Taskbar (Jumplists) which increases the usability a lot.

Have fun using it... and please report me if you have any problems running it.

 NEW VERSION :: 21.07.09

There has been a new release of digiNotes(0.5-beta). It took me a little bit long for this one because I had to redesign the whole code of the project. The software is now much more stable and a bit faster. But the coolest new feature is that digiNotes now supports sending notes over your local network to other computers running digiNotes (Contextmenu-->send to). The next release should then also contain the ability for sending files.

I hope you like it.....

 NEW VERSION :: 25.03.09

I've just released a new version of digiNotes(0.4.1). I was never really happy with the contextmenu-size-selection. Changing the size is now much simpler by just moving the lower right corner. The new release contains beside some bugfixes also new visual effects.

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